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ʻOpiuma (Pithecellobium dulce)

‘Opiuma is in season, going strong, and will continue to be in season for the coming couple of months! This invasive species is typically found in our dryland areas of Hawai’i but, as many areas that are typically more wet become more dry, the tree is expanding its range. Do you know this one? Also […]


Maui Eat Local Challenge 2023

Hard to believe it’s been 10 years that I’ve participated in the Maui Eat Local Challenge. I remember when we started there was no locally available olive oil, cultivated gourmet mushrooms, cashews, skyr, or black pepper. A few people on the fringe, willing to get uncomfortable and figure out new ways of eating. Now, there […]

Savage Farms Wellness Center

In response to the August 8th, 2023 fires that devastated Maui, I opened a wellness center that is free for those directly displaced from their lives in Lahaina or who are on the front lines as emergency responders. Savage Farms Wellness Center offers limu (seaweed) and flower baths, massage, sauna, fresh herbal medicine, and always […]


Chinese Violet (Asystasia gangetica) Edible Greens

Tolerating moist conditions and a variety of soil types, Chinese violet (Asystasia gangetica) is an almost vine-like weed ubiquitous to both wild spaces and gardens throughout Hawai’i. Brought to the Hawaiian Islands in 1925 as an ornamental, this African native is now considered a serious invader in Asia, the Caribbean, Australia and Oceania. These highly […]

Introducing a new Foraging Field Assistant

  It’s with great pleasure that I introduce Maile Risch, the new Foraging Field Assistant at Savage Kitchen. We’ll be together on Thursday’s and Friday’s to continue the work of creating high quality wild food educational materials. Foraging, recipe creation, and online digital content are the main focus of our work together.    I’ll let […]

How to Make the Best Kiawe Tea!

Of all the wild foods I have ever introduced people to, kiawe tea is by far the all-around favorite. No one can believe the sweetness is all natural, only coming from the beans of kiawe (Prosopis pallida), with nothing else added. So, I taught a couple of classes recently and you can access the recording […]

Is Your Name Really Sunny Savage?

Is your name really Sunny Savage? A question I’ve been asked a lot, as you can imagine. It brings me back to my grandfather’s animated storytelling, and being captivated with the story of my ancestor Thomas Savage – who arrived in Jamestown in 1608, at 13 years old, and was exchanged to live with Chief Powhatan and his daughter […]


Fried Cereus Flower & Pa’i’ai Pizza – Eat Local Maui Challenge

Final day of the EAT LOCAL MAUI 2021 Challenge (held from September 12-18) Day 7 Breakfast Coffee from Kupa`a Farms. Foraged Strawberry Guava Juice* Foraged cereus flower stuffed with venison/pork sausage (traded for foraged kiawe beans), Maui onion, celery and carrots and thyme from Oko`a Farms, black pepper from Oko`a Farms, foraged ‘pink peppercorns’ of Schinus […]


Moringa Pods – Eat Local Maui Challenge

EAT LOCAL MAUI 2021 Challenge was held from September 12-18 Day 5 Lunch Zucchini noodles with pesto (basil, olive oil, macadamia nuts, salt), sliced cherry tomatoes, ali`i mushrooms with thyme, goat cheese, black pepper and pink pepper. Moringa for Dinner Um, new favorite vegetable… moringa pods! Why did I write these off before? Soup made with […]


100% Local Crackers – Eat Local Maui Challenge

EAT LOCAL MAUI 2021 Challenge was held from September 12-18 Day 4 Breakfast Made poi from the pa`i`ai, topped with gifted banana, gifted pomegranate, fig from garden, kumquat from garden, starfruit from garden, mango from Kupa`a, pineapple from Maui Gold, and the black olive looking things are foraged Java plums* that I cured in a honey/vinegar […]