ʻĀina Fest

Pinch me! I’m heading to Hawai’i Island for a festival I’ve wanted to attend for the past 9 years. And, I get to teach an educational workshop on wild foods while there. There are still tickets left, so whether you’re on the Big Island or traveling from somewhere else, you can check out all the deets below for this September 7th event. I have plans for my workshop, but honestly I’ve learned from doing this wild food thing for so long that I can’t go into the wild with expectations. I’ll spend a day driving around wildcrafting in preparation for the workshop, making use of my unique gift of being able to spot plants while driving at 60mph. lol! Creator will put in my path what the people need, what message needs to come through at that time, and so I remain curious at what will unfold and what plants will want to come and play. This is also my ticket to the mauna, and I’m so excited to be in service, in kapu aloha, and to soak up whatever I can for 2 days at Puʻuhonua o Puʻuhuluhulu Mauna Kea for 2 days. kū kiaʻi mauna!

Link to buy tickets: https://ainafest2019.brownpapertickets.com 
Website: http://hipagriculture.org/aina-fest 
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2343642095686397/ 
Instagram: @hipagriculture

Look at the prickly pear hat and hair clip on this beautiful lady. While in Arizona recently I heard about the upcoming 8th Annual Prickly Pear Festival …so my Mom & Grandma checked it out last weekend and met this woman. I love plant people!


From my wind to your wind
From my rain to your rain
From my forests to your forests
From my rivers to your rivers
From my lands resilience to your lands resilience
From my people’s strength to your people’s strength
I align my prayers with the prayers of thousands to the sky realm to call on the rains to soak the earth and end the fires started by the hands of greedy men.
I align my womb with the wombs of rainforest women who call for the return of dignity to our bodies and the great body of Mother Earth.
I align my lungs with the lungs of this planet and inhale and exhale in deep ceremony, in deep chant, and deep love.
Pule ʻāina.

-Hāwane Rios

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