WorldWild Podcast Interview

worldwild podcast with sunny savage

What a delight to be in conversation with Miles Irving of the WorldWild Podcast! Take a listen (skip to minute 6 to start of our conversation) as we discuss invasive species, the uniqueness of Hawaii’s biodiversity, and our wild future ahead. Miles is the founder/owner of Forager, a phenomenal company that started selling wild vegetables to restaurants in the United Kingdom in 2004 and has since built this network linking foragers with chef’s to include over 500 wild ingredients.

kahili ginger (Hedychium gardnerianum) growing on Maui, HI

It’s kahili ginger (Hedychium gardnerianum) flower season. This is a short-lived season, only lasting about 5 weeks depending on elevation. Take a peek at the flowers and foliage in this video taken at Makawao Forest Reserve last week. Flowers can be dehydrated and made into tea, cooked into onion jam, used as garnish on a cocktail. All the things!

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