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Chinese Violet (Asystasia gangetica) Edible Greens

Boiled Chinese violet (Asystasia gangetica) greens. Photo by Sunny Savage Tolerating moist conditions and a variety of soil types, Chinese violet (Asystasia gangetica) is an almost vine-like weed ubiquitous to both wild spaces and gardens…

Introducing a new Foraging Field Assistant

  It's with great pleasure that I introduce Maile Risch, the new Foraging Field Assistant at Savage Kitchen. We'll be together on Thursday's and Friday's to continue the work of creating high quality wild food educational materials.…

Is Your Name Really Sunny Savage?

Java plums (Syzygium cumini).   Deep, dark, nourishment.  Is your name really Sunny Savage? A question I've been asked a lot, as you can imagine. It brings me back to my grandfather's animated storytelling, and being captivated with…

Spider Wisp (Cleome gynandra)

It's baaaack! I've been seeing these plants pop up over the past month as the land drinks in the winter rains. Not to be confused with several species of Cleome spp. grown in flower gardens, the spider wisp (Cleome gynandra) is yet another…

Maui News Article, “Take a Walk on the Wild Side”

Thanks to writer Sarah Ruppenthal for writing a piece in the Maui News on the release of my new app Savage Kitchen. She did a great job of covering what the app is and I am so grateful that it is my home island of Maui that is the first news…

Mention in The Economist

Thanks to Tasha Goldberg for writing about the Savage Kitchen App in a recent article for The Economist! A dream to be featured alongside others highlighted for their work during what the United Nations has dubbed the “International Year…
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edible Hawaiian Islands

Mahalo to Dania Katz of edibleHawaiianIslands for this fun write-up of wild greens found growing right outside her front door. As she mentions in the article, Dania invited me over to her house as she was curious if she had anything of interest…

UpCountry in Bloom Theme @ Makawao Third Friday

Join Savage Kitchen for a feast of wild edible flowers!

Kahili Ginger Cooking Classes

I'll be doing 2 wild food cooking classes this week! Join me in Wailuku, either on Thursday from 6-8pm or Saturday from 3-5 for a glimpse into preparing kahili ginger (Hedychium gardnerianum) gari pickle. If you love sushi ginger, you're going…

This Is What Local Food Looks Like

  We ran some fabulous dishes during the Hawaii Local Food Challenge! Everything 100% local ingredients from the Hawaiian Islands. Be sure to check out our location, by scrolling to the top of our website.  

Happy Spring Equinox

Dear Sun, may you feast upon the riotous beauty of this experimental earth lab. I made this mandala/living altar as the sun rose on the spring equinox...and then it hid for the rest of the day. May we remember to celebrate the earth, the cycles,…

Hawaii Local Food Challenge

Pledge to eat as many foods as you can that has been grown in Hawaiʻi for the coming week. Use the hashtag #hiLocalFoodChallenge and join the conversation on Facebook here.