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edible Hawaiian Islands

Mahalo to Dania Katz of edibleHawaiianIslands for this fun write-up of wild greens found growing right outside her front door. As she mentions in the article, Dania invited me over to her house as she was curious if she had anything of interest growing nearby. I was happy to oblige and haven’t had the opportunity to explore much in the area she lives. 

We found all kinds of ‘regulars’, plants that are very common as delicious wild greens and who people mistakenly call weeds. You can see photos of the following plants in the article as well ::

  1. Artillery Plant, also known as Rock weed (Pilea Microphylla)
  2. Spanish Needles (Bidens pilosa)
  3. Bittercress (Cardamine flexuosa)
  4. Peppergrass (Lepidium sp.)
  5. Honohono (Commelina diffusa)

I have a recent released eBook on Spanish Needles, which is called kinehī here in Hawaiʻi. You can find it here. Dania and I also saw a lot of Java Plum at her place as well. 

Happy Foraging!

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