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Spanish Needles (Bidens pilosa and Bidens alba)

Spanish Needles is native to the tropical and subtropical Americas. It can now be found in tropical and subtropical locations around the globe, even extending into temperate regions. Botanists go back and forth on how to classify Spanish Needles, as Bidens pilosa and Bidens alba are so similarly related that they can be used interchangeably …

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Spanish Needles Vegan Pepita Pesto

INTRODUCTION We love pesto, especially wild greens pesto.  It’s such a versatile way to add some wild nutrition to a variety of dishes, and it can stand alone as a dip or spread. We adapted this recipe from HappyKitchen.com. INGREDIENTS 1 cup packed fresh basil leaf 1 cup Spanish Needles greens 2 cloves garlic 1/2 cup …

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