Any way we can eat more wild greens in our diet the better. Pesto is so versatile, and easily tolerated by even those who might not be adventurous eaters. Chef Samantha Schaberg created this delicious recipe, mild in flavor and packed full of nutrients. Check out her work here:


500ml Olive Oil
750 ml blanched Spanish Neddle
350 ml nuts (suggested Marcona Almonds, Pine Nuts, Walnuts)
60 g garlic confit
25 g salt (or to taste)


Blanch and hang the neddles OVERNIGHT – this is very important to keep water out of your finished product.


The next day, divide all your ingredients into two halves. (250 ml olive oil etc.) In a food processor, add your first half neddles, garic confit and nuts. With the machine on, slowly drizzle in half of the olive oil.


We divided the entire recipe in two to process it in smaller parts. This makes for a better emulsification of the olive oil. When both halves of the recipe have been done separately, combine them in a bowl and season with salt and mix together.


Let sit and marry for one hour before enjoying.


If you jar this for longer preservation, make sure to top with an extra “cap” of olive oil to keep it from oxidation or spoilage.

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