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Kahili Ginger Candy

INTRODUCTION This is one of our favorite ways to enjoy the Kahili Ginger rhizome. The candied crunch and floral, earthy flavor are irresistible. Eat it alone, as a garnish, add it to a cocktail - get creative!  And know that people really…
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Spanish Needles Daal

INTRODUCTION Daal, a name for lentils in India, is full of protein and will easily absorb flavors. We roast our lentils first and add Spanish Needles greens and herbs and spices for this filling wild dish. INGREDIENTS 2 cups red lentils 1…

Announcing New Plant in Savage Kitchen App!

New plant to be featured in the Savage Kitchen App... Haole Koa (Leucaena leucocephala)!! Over 1 billion people around the planet have access to this abundance species, which is high in protein and beta-carotene, and who produces its edible…