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Spring Greens of Appalachia

Happy Spring Equinox! Here’s the look of a happy forager in Appalachia… Field garlic (Allium vineale) is just humming right now in West Virginia, a welcome early spring green. Pinch me, we went so fast we burned the wind! My oldest son is flying the coup. At 17 1/2, stuck in a teenage covid lockdown nightmare, my …

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Field Garlic with Leda

Here’s a video, done by a cool cooking web show called Kitchen Caravan, on Leda Meredith. There are actually 4 video’s to view, but this one highlights Leda harvesting wild field garlic (Allium vineale). This plant is widespread, and can be used similarly to chives (tops) or garlic (bulbs). Leda is currently challenging herself to …

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