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Wildfoods Festival

I finally made it to Hokitika, New Zealand! Since beginning my journey into wild foods I have known about this festival due to it’s number one Google hit for ‘wild food festival’. For over 20 years this annual Wildfoods gathering has been tempting attendees with huhu grubs, elderflower champagne, worm sushi and enough ‘wild foods’ …

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Explore New Zealand with Sunny Savage

Yeehaw…I’m getting back into making videos! Over Christmas I went on an awesome trip with 12 of my family members to explore and adventure through New Zealand. Going by airplane, foot, sailboat…it’s always an adventure traveling with us! My stores of dog rose (Rosa canina) hips are already gone and the elderflowers are now blooming …

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Hot on the Trail with Sunny Savage

You heard it here…I got myself a wild food television show! It’s called Hot on the Trail with Sunny Savage. Have sold my Prius, let go of my apartment in California, and hit the road runnin’ in a 34’ motorhome. Never thought I would be living in an RV…ever…even if it does run on biodiesel, …

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