Wildfoods Festival

I finally made it to Hokitika, New Zealand! Since beginning my journey into wild foods I have known about this festival due to it’s number one Google hit for ‘wild food festival’. For over 20 years this annual Wildfoods gathering has been tempting attendees with huhu grubs, elderflower champagne, worm sushi and enough ‘wild foods’ to fill 66 stalls. Although I missed the Festival itself, which happened on March 12th, I was able to interview its organizer Mike Keenan. Check check it out!

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  1. Tyff Davi
    Tyff Davi says:

    Hallo! I am planning on moving to hawaii with a group in a few months, I have been all over looking for a guide to edible plants in Hawaii — do you have any recommendations? Please email me. Thank you!!!

  2. Jose
    Jose says:

    I would love to buy a book on all the wild plants that are plentiful and helthy in the USA and all over the world if you know where I can buy a book with all of the plants and more importantly the actual shape color and way to Identify the plants while I am hiking I really would love that.


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