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Pa’i’ai Taro Waffles – Eat Local Maui Challenge

The EAT LOCAL MAUI Challenge was held from September 12-18 this year and damn did we rock it! I only ate foods that were foraged/grown/raised in Hawai’i… 100% baby! So many people really stepped up to the Challenge this time around and it was incredible to be inspired by and build community with others who see the value …

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Wild Amaranth Chimichurri – Eat Local Maui Challenge

A montage of wild amaranth helps you see the many sizes and shapes this plant can take. This was Day 23 of eating 100% local foods from the Hawaiian Islands. Part of the Eat Local Maui Challenge with Project Locavore, to strengthen our local community and food supply chains. Wild Amaranth Chimichurri Recipe: 2 cups …

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