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Home in Minnesota

From the Smokey Hills of Northern Minnesota, emerge the Headwaters of the Shell River. This is also the place of my origin, where my mother grew me in the waters of her body, and released me into the river of time. I stayed for 18 years, then danced with coming and going, until Maui’s lasso …

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Magnificent Milkweed

Check out the video below to see how the Ogallala Comfort Company is creating beautiful high-quality products out of one of my favorite wild plants, common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca). I was able to interview Herb Knudsen, who founded the Natural Fibers Corporation back in 1986, at their headquarters in Ogallala, NE. For those interested in …

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Common Milkweed Oil

Have reposted this video, as it shows common milkweed (Ascelpias syriaca) in bloom in the Minot, ND area last summer. I was visiting my family there, and it’s good to go back to those family memories (my mom is walking in the background during the milkweed part). Click here to see the post that went …

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