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Cycles Above and Below

Happy Full Moon! Here in Hawai’i nei this is the night of one of our fullest moons, Hoku (hōkū also meaning “star”) with Mahina (moon) rising at sunset and setting at sunrise. According to the ancient Hawaiian Lunar Calendar it is an excellent time for planting, especially banana and root vegetables. “Mahina rises with the …

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Foraged Wild Greens & Sandalwood Distillation – Eat Local Maui Challenge

Day 8 of eating 100% locally grown and raised foods from the Hawaiian Islands. This video highlights harvesting wild greens, Day of the Dead ofrenda, and includes a distillation of Hawaiian sandalwood. breakfast :: feijoa ***, coconut milk smoothie. Ali’i mushrooms, butter. Cucumber, purslane (Portulaca oleracea)***, radicchio, Maui onion, elephant garlic, Haleakalā Creamery goat skyr, …

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