Wild Food Workshop in Topanga Canyon

Here’s a little video taken at last Saturday’s Wild Food Workshop here in Topanga Canyon, CA. It was a really fun class and we managed to gather quite a few wild foods to incorporate into our feast. Some wild foods and useful plants that we found on our hike: wild mustard flowering tops, malva greens and cheeses, ice plants, blackberry new growth tops, sticky monkey flower, elderflowers, sow thistle greens, wild lettuce, ceanothus berries for soap and more.


  1. Flora says:

    Excellent film, I just spent a happy hour watching it and exploring your site. To justify this (when I should be working) I have placed your video on my travel blog, you have encouraged me to be even more alert to the wild food around me.

  2. sunny says:

    yeah! Glad you liked it. There’s a whole wide world of wild foods just waiting for you out there. Have fun! ~sunny

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