Wild Living with Sunny: episode 2

Were you curious how to harvest the Yucca whipplei stalk and unopened flower buds in the Quinoa ‘n Yucca recipe? Check out this short little video to see how to identify the plant, harvest the stalk, and prepare the dish. In the video I said I was going to roast the stalk, but we ended up peeling it and cooking like a sweeter version of asparagus….sooo yummy! Chef Bob also said we would be double boiling our unopened yucca flower buds, but after trying them out we didn’t feel it was necessary, so we just added them directly to the dish to cook for about 30 seconds.

Enjoy the film. Leave a comment or pop me an email to let me know how you like it. To see the recipe on the video click here.

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  1. Ryanne Hodson
    Ryanne Hodson says:

    this recipe is so cool! i see yucca everywhere now that i know what it looks like and all the possibilities of what can be done with it pop out at me every time i see them! hey that can be soap, we can use it to weave, we can cook the stalk! i love it! thanks for sharing….uploading the video we made with you as i type this!

  2. sunny
    sunny says:

    yeehaw! so fun to hear. Love the video…thanks so much to you both!

    It’s crazy ‘cause I’ll learn a new plant and then I’ll start seeing it everywhere that i’ve been walking or driving by for a long time. it’s alive!

    have a great summer. cheers, ~sunny


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