Wild Food Summit IV

Another great year at the Wild Food Summit on the White Earth Reservation in northern Minnesota. This was our 4th Annual gathering and this year we had a spontaneous music recording with all the awesome musical talent attending. Listen to the Wild Food Summit song as you watch the video!

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  1. Nancy Bouwsma
    Nancy Bouwsma says:

    Fantastic job on your Summit IV video! Maybe some year J will be retired and we can join you there. Sounds and looks like a blast. xoxo njb

  2. sunny savage
    sunny savage says:

    Aloha…thanks everyone for the comments. Ha…you’ll be at my wedding on Maui during this years Wild Food Summit Nancy! 🙂

    Paule…I agree, just one meal a week would add a wonderful amount of diversity to the diet and fill in the nutritional gaps many are facing. It would get people outside exercising, and aligning their awareness with the bounty the earth has placed at our fingertips.

    cheers, ~sunny


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