Wild Food Classes

Happy Spring Equinox!

There are some powerful energies moving through the planet…so hopefully you’re all out eating some yummy wild foods to help the body adjust more easily. I’m participating again this year in the annual Solar Wave, a stellar synchronized 24-hour global equinox event on Friday’s full moon. Check it out here.

There are so many cool activities going on out there, and as we step into spring I would encourage you to take a look at the Wild Food Events/Festivals section of my website (under the Resources Tab), for a current listing of wild food events. If you know of other events that would be appropriate for this list, please let me know.

My new wild food friend Nat Bletter, PhD out in New York City is offering a class I would love to take. He will be teaching Ethnobotany: Cultural Uses of Plants at the New York Botanical Garden. This 20-hour course explores how plants are a part of daily human life. The social, historical, cultural, ecological, and economic impacts of people-plant interactions around the world will be discussed. In addition, Nat also leads wild food walks in the New York City area. Nat has not yet set his spring/summer wild food walk schedule…so be sure to check back on the Wild Food Events/Festivals section of my website (under the Resources Tab) to find out when his classes are offered.

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