Welcome to wildfoodplants.com! I hope together we can create an organized, worldwide movement of people interested in wild food plants. Today is celebrated by Pagans as Imbolc, and Christians as St. Brigid’s Day. Regardless of how it is defined, today’s full moon reflects the fires which have begun to stir deeply within Mother Earth. It is also Groundhog Day. Although the groundhog is recognized here in the US for his ability to predict the weather, I am much more interested in the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, which is officially released today. This consortium of over 2500 scientists from around the globe will give us a clearer picture of our upcoming weather forecast. In April it will release its observations and predictions regarding food production and climate change.

This site will continually evolve, including a database of wild food instructors, links to resources on wild foods, on-line videos showing how to harvest and prepare wild foods, interviews with wild food experts, and more. I have trips planned to Peru, the plains of North Dakota, northern MN, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and Arizona this year. Join me on this adventure in wild foods and the wild people who love them.

Breathe life into your visions. The time to act is now. Those who hold deep-seated ecological knowledge, from experience, will be forced to share that knowledge as we enter the throes of global climate change more thoroughly. Lets transmute the negative energies around us into something positive and sustaining for our future generations.

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