Tohono O’odham Saguaro Camp

Join Stella Tucker for a glimpse into her saguaro cactus fruit camp. This Tohono O’odham woman harvests these amazing fruits, the way of her grandmothers before her, and shares much of that bounty with her fellow community members. Thanks to her and her family for allowing me to film, as well as keeping the traditions alive and sharing them with a larger audience.

In this video Stella teaches us how to make saguaro cactus fruit syrup step-by-step, and discusses how to make a jam as well. The syrup can be purchased in small amounts through a great Tucson-based organization called Native Seed/SEARCH. This group preserves the crop seeds that connects Native American cultures to their lands. Tohono O’odham Community Action, located on the reservation, is another group doing good work. They’re dedicated to cultural revitalization, with traditional food systems having a major emphasis.

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