Teleconference call with Linda Runyon

Last Thursday I was lucky to be part of an awesome teleconference call with Linda Runyon. She is a published author, has been eating wild foods as the majority of her diet for the majority of her life, has taught extensively to the military on survival using wild foods, and was a consultant on the biosphere project. The interview was facilitated by John Gallager of Learning Herbs, and I really thank John for hosting the call.

Did you know that 10 dandelion leaves contains more calcium than a glass of milk? That 1/2 cup of lambsquarter (Chenopodium sp.) seeds has 19.6 grams of protein, compared to just 9 or 10 grams found in a steak? That same 1/2 cup of seeds contains 1,036 mg of calcium, comparable to 8 glasses of milk. This is the kind of quality nutritional information found in Linda’s book From Crabgrass Muffins to Pine Needle Tea. The book is part field guide, part cookbook, part environmental lifestyle guide. She paired up with Dr. James Duke to have the nutritional analysis done on the wild food plants highlighted in her book – you can click here to visit Dr. Duke’s phytochemical and ethnobotanical database.

Click here to listen to the taped teleconference call. It will only be online for a short time, so LISTEN NOW!

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