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Supporting Local Food Supply Chains – Eat Local Maui Challenge

If you think things were bad when there was a shortage of masks for hospitals, imagine what would happen if our food supply chain was significantly disrupted? We all know the climate is changing, so securing local farmers growing crops adapted for your bioregion will be essential moving forward. We are doing it!

For Day 12 of the Eat Local Maui Challenge with Project Locavore I had a wonderful break from cooking. Was incredible to be able to go out into my community and eat 100% local foods to the Hawaiian Islands. So much support, people who aren’t passing the buck to underpaid and mistreated migrant workers in American fields, but rather stepping up to the work at hand…feeding ourselves!

And, huge thanks to Maui Nō Ka ‘Oi food editor Becky Speere for the drink at Esters Fair Prospect, along with a copy of the current issue of the magazine. Please purchase a copy (available November/December), and check out my article on Natal Plums that has a 100% local recipe!

Here’s a peek at what I ate today…

Maui Bees 100% Local Garden Vegetable Soup

Lunch 1 at Maui Bees ::

Coffee + Maui Bees Honey
2 Bowls of Soup
Lunch 2 at Dynamite Donut ::
Kabocha pumpkin soup with cassava/ulu toast
@Sugarcanedane syrup from local organic sugarcane, lilikoi, orange and lemon juice.
Snack ::
Pumpkin pie from neighbor also doing the Eat Local Maui Challenge
Treat ::
2 of my home made chocolate (see this video for preparation)

Dynamite Donut 100% Local Kabocha Pumpkin Soup with Cassava Ulu Toast – photos by Sunny Savage

Drink ::
coconut milk I made from nuts purchased from an older gentleman at Queen Ka’ahumanu Mall Farmers Market, cinnamon from OK Farms, kumquat from my yard
#projectlocavore #eatlocalmaui2020
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