Strawberry Guava Popsicles

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Strawberry guava popsicles, it’s a thing! Did you know strawberry guavas are rich in phenolic compounds? Being so high in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti microbial activity that they could be marketed as a “functional food” commercially.

When we forage Strawberry Guava, we know we need to them within 24 hours or risk losing some of the fruit. We eat a lot fresh, freeze some, and use whatʻs left in recipes. We like to sort them into “grades” – the Grade A fruit is usually used or Strawberry Guava Shrub (find the shrub recipe in the Savage Kitchen App). We throw the rest of the Grade B fruit into a pot, giving it a quick cook and squeezing out the juice.


  • Strawberry Guava Fruit
  • Water

Wash the fruit. Place in a pot and just cover with water,

Heat the stove until just before boiling.

Remove from the heat and ladle the fruit into a nut milk bag. Hand the nut milk bag over a bowl and allow to drain.

Once cool enough, squeeze the liquid from the nut milk bag.

Drink your juice as is, freeze into popsicle forms. or use in other recipes.

Find dozens more Strawberry Guava Recipes in the Savage Kitchen App!

Have you seen all the infographics in the Savage Kitchen App?

Each one guides you on how to harvest without spreading seed, rhizome, or other reproductive material. This is such an important piece of the puzzle in dealing with invasive species – it’s February, Hawaii Invasive Species Awareness Month and people are still finding strawberry guava fruits out there! Be sure you don’t spit the seeds on the ground or dump uneaten fruits in lazy composting (like stand on your lanai and throw as far as you can kine).

Wanna more Strawberry Guava?? Take a deep dive with detailed botany and information into the cultural, medicinal, nutritional, and aromatherapeutic qualities in my new eBook plant monograph here.

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