​The Savage Kitchen app​ links you with abundant wild foods and great ways of preparing them.



Plant Identification

​High-quality plant photos, lookalikes, detailed descriptions, videos, and quizzes.

​Where to Forage

​Find all the spots with an interactive mapping system that brings you right to foraging locations.

Healthy Recipes

​What in the world do I do with all this stuff? Step-by-step recipe preparation.

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Savage Kitchen is your companion to a healthier, more sustainable relationship with the Earth. A gateway to herbal medicine, emergency preparedness, and eating invasives for community land management.



Savage Kitchen features 6 edible invasive wild food plants: Strawberry Guava, Butterfly Ginger, Spanish Needles, Wild Amaranth, Haole Koa, and Java Plum.

Dive deeper into a rich body of knowledge in these 6 eBooks. Including ethnobotany, pharmacology, aromatherapy and other scientific literature reviews, as well as custom illustrations.

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Eating invasives never tasted better! Featuring recipes using wild foods in never-before seen ways. 

recipe images

Elephant Tears – Java Plum Drink
Butterfly Ginger Flower Quiche
Wild Amaranth Puree for Velouté

what people are saying


  • The plant guides and quizzes are great for developing the understanding and confidence to forage. And the map is extraordinary, updated by users and constantly evolving. I love the recipes! Simple and easy to use. Also highly recommend the ebooks, available through links in the app - each one is an incredible compilation of science and traditional info about the plants and their benefits, beautifully illustrated. Mahalo nui loa for this resource!
    — mauiplantlady
  • Love the knowledge obtained from this app. I have always loved learning about the free edible weeds available to us so abundantly here in Hawaii! Great section on plant identification for beginners as well as tons of pictures of each weed so you can get a good idea of what it looks like. So many recipes too!! And I love the map concept. Can’t wait until she adds more varieties of edible plants.
    — Keridawnjustspawned
  • Eating Wild and Invasive plants!? A timely gift to help individuals explore their immediate natural world by learn to identify, harvest, and prepare plant species. The range of culinary recipes are so inventive and delicious, I can’t wait to try them all. So much plant knowledge specific to Hawaii and all the tropics - all in one app. Thank you for reintroduced these subtle species quietly existing at our feet.
    — Bailey and Co.
  • So exciting...and timely! At a time when so many of us are sheltering in place due to the coronavirus, I am so glad that this app is here to help us find free, wild food. Also, as a conservationist naturalist, I’m really happy with the focus on responsibly harvesting invasive species from our landscapes! The app works great, too! Super intuitive!
    — Spectekula
  • Most useful app for these times! So useful and necessary for these times when people are facing food shortages and wanting to grow their own food. Why not eat what nature has already grown for you that’s even more nutritious? So beautifully done with great photos and recipes too.
    — ephramzz
  • New favorite app! Savage Kitchen is so beautifully made and easy to navigate. My kids just spent an hour looking through it and learning all about the wild edible species all around our island. What a gift to have knowledge of food and medicine that grows wild and free all around us!
    — JennaleaMichelle
  • LOVE IT!!!! So exciting to have access to foraging advice from a renowned expert! This app is full of knowledgeable guidance and is rapidly expanding. And so timely to have it at our fingertips at the cusp of Spring and during a time of much needed frugality, inspiration and healthy tasty additions to our lives.
    — Kjirste
  • Fantastic tool for foraging wild foods. I appreciate Ms. Savages dedication to details with her new “Maui Wild Foods” Foraging App. It’s helpful to learn about and be able to identify nutritious plants. I especially appreciate her concern about the invasive species that are edible and how not to spread them when foraging! This wahine knows her stuff. Mahalo Sunny!
    — billev2k
  • Coolest app ever! This app is absolutely brilliant. It’s practical, helpful on many levels, educational, inspiring and fun. Hands down the coolest app I have ever seen. A must have for anyone interested in wild foraging. But great for anyone interested in plants, food + nature!
    — MarlaHania

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