Eating Edible Invasive Species

100% local food in Hawaii
These delicious creations were served at our food truck. Both of these dishes were 100% locally sourced. On the left a wild boar saute with foraged greens, on the right gnocchi made with breadfruit flour, wild greens, olives and olive oil.

Welcome to Savage Kitchen!

In March of 2017 I ran a successful Kickstarter Campaign to help fund this project educating about edible invasive species. Savage Kitchen started out as a food truck where I served 100% organic foods (90% locally sourced) and where wildcrafted invasives were in each item on the menu.  You can see our food truck blog posts at our old website Savage Kitchen Maui to see some of our juicy creations, but this is where we’re adding new content as I get ready to launch our upcoming mobile app and online wild food courses.

If you’re interested in feeling confident while foraging, getting healthy recipes, natural medicine, plant identification, and emergency preparedness, please stay in touch through our newsletter.

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