Savage Farms Wellness Center

Maui Wellness Center

In response to the August 8th, 2023 fires that devastated Maui, I opened a wellness center that is free for those directly displaced from their lives in Lahaina or who are on the front lines as emergency responders. Savage Farms Wellness Center offers limu (seaweed) and flower baths, massage, sauna, fresh herbal medicine, and always includes wild and local prepared healthy foods from our farm. 

We are located in the Historic District of Wailuku, on a half acre that is terraced into a cliffside overlooking ‘Īao Valley and the Ocean. The property is adjacent to the old Japanese Hospital on Vineyard Street, with the Savage Farms Wellness Center being built in 1930 and inhabited by the Japanese doctor. The original bathhouse, in photograph below, was built in 1928 and was one of the first places to have running water. This is where you will be lovingly held in a claw foot tub, submerged in the healing waters of ‘Īao and supported by flowers, seaweed, and salt. 

Although we are moving in response to our community in crisis, there is a larger vision nurturing our planetary need for healing relationship with the land. Savage Farms utilizes what Robin Wall Kimmerer so succinctly termed ‘Disturbance Ethnobotany’ – to work with the wild weeds that spontaneously populate this place in a useful and respectful way. We harvest these wild foods and wild medicines, feeding them to you and ourselves, while simultaneously planting endemic, native and cultivated plants suited for life in the subtropics. Any and all food allergies or preferences are accommodated.

If you are interested in coming to the farm to harvest food used in the Wellness Center, lend a hand watering or planting, or otherwise chipping in where needed, please sign up using our calendar system.

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