(photo taken from RyanIsHungry.com)

Ryanne Hodson and Jay Dedman are weavers. They take fibers and weave them together, creating webs of infinite possibilities. In today’s world that translates to fiber-optics, hardware and software, and the world wide web. Since 2004 these creative folks have been on the frontlines of the videoblogging world, helping to blast open the channels of independent media. They recently visited me in Topanga Canyon to talk about wild foods. They’ve posted two video’s of our interview on their website RyanIsHungry.com. Their website is dedicated to documenting the green movement and I feel honored to be included. Click here to view the first 8 minute video, and click here to see the second shorter video.

Do you have a good idea for a videoblog/show, but can’t get the funds to purchase equipment or implement some necessary step for your show? Ryanne and Jay are co-founders of HaveMoneyWillVlog.com, a group of promoters who might be able to help you obtain the funding you need. They are also Co-Founders of Freevlog.org (free video tutorials on setting up your own videoblog) and NODE101 (open source collaborative effort to teach videoblogging around the world). Ryanne is a Co-Author of Secrets of Videoblogging and Jay is a Co-Author of Extreme Tech: Videoblogging. Here are the resources, now you need to start spinning your own web.

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  1. jay dedman
    jay dedman says:

    thanks sunny.
    i think its so important that we document everyone’s work in video so we can spread the knowledge and personalities behind the green movement.

  2. sunny
    sunny says:

    how true it is jay! I got my camcorder for $234, and a tripod for $30. I use the free editing software (iMovie) on my Macbook Pro. It’s not as huge an investment as most people think. I hope more people start doing wild food videos….we need more voices from you folks!

    cheers, ~sunny


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