Purple Popolo Berries

popolo berries in hand

Remember to only eat dark purple/black popolo berries (Solanum americanum). Also known as American Nightshade, Glossy Nightshade, and “really good food“.

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  1. Visionaerie
    Visionaerie says:

    We grew these “garden huckleberries” on the south side of our garage one year, and they did really well. But you do have to boil them, right? I will also have to look them up in my ‘Cornucopia II’ (edible plants of the world) encyclopedia. Thanks for posting this!

    • Sunny Savage
      Sunny Savage says:

      Aloha! You do NOT need to cook the berries, they can safely be enjoyed raw. It is, however, important to be sure that the berries are fully ripe (dark purple/black) with no green.


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