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Jungali Dreads Wild Nettle Ponytail


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Jungali Dreads are made from wild nettle fibers that have been hand shaped and sewn into a ponytail scrunchie. Adding volume to hair, you’ll have instant dreadlocks, with the convenience of being removable. The wild nettles (Girardinia diversifolia) used to create them grow at the foothills of Mt. Everest, where they are harvested for their outer bark and cooked in wood ashes, soaked in white clay, and finally rinsed in Himalayan crystal salts by fiber collectives in Kulung Rai territory. Jungali means ‘wild or savage’ in the Nepalese language, so we love getting Jungali Jungali Jungali with Jungali Dreads! Great for festivals, costume parties, and otherwise spicing up your everyday look. Don’t want the hassle of caring for dreadlocks? Try a Jungali Dread with its human hair feel and instant style.