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Preparing Slippery Jack Mushrooms – Eat Local Maui Challenge

Day 2 of eating 100% local! All salt, oil, spices, veg, meat…all of it comes from the Hawaiian Islands. Learn how to prepare the slippery jack mushrooms from yesterday’s foraging on Day 2 of the Eat Local Maui Challenge. Other wild edibles covered are hill raspberries, thimbleberries, banana poka lilikoi, and cats ear greens.

Day 2 Eat Local Maui ChallengeBreakfast :: Naked Cow yogurt, hill raspberries (Rubus niveus)***, thimbleberry (Rubus rosifolius)***, poha berries (Physalis peruviana)***, ohelo berries (Vaccinium reticulatum), banana poka (Passiflora tarminiana), self-heal flowers (Prunella vulgaris)***, red clover (Trifolium pratense var sativum)***, kumquat, dragonfruit, feijoa*** (not a true wild food, but was foraged from a tree that no one uses), papaya*, jamaican lilikoi, watermelon, yacon, honey infused with elecampagne*.

Snack :: leftover asparagus with wild amaranth greens (Amaranthus spinosus)***, elephant garlic, olive oil, kiawe smoked salt

Snack :: zucchini soup made with zucchini, onion, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, salt

Dinner :: Malama farms pork ribs grilled with a rub made of allspice, coriander, pink peppercorns (Schinus molle), salt, and then brushed on some honey and olive oil when over half way done. Sauteed slippery jack mushrooms (Suillus brevipes)***, with ali’i mushrooms, maui onion, elephant garlic, cats ear greens (Hypochaeris radicata)***, salt, pink peppercorns. Steamed ulu.

Tea :: banana poka lilikoi (Passiflora tarminiana)***, yellow common lilikoi, Jamaican lilikoi.

* = grown by Sunny Savage *** = foraged by Sunny Savage

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