Our children are being targeted with propaganda by Monsanto

vote yes GMO moratorium

Our precious keiki, from elementary school through high school, along with those in higher education, are being targeted by Monsanto. The numbers come in around $187/registered voter spent In Marketing 101 we learn that repeated exposure habituates our prospective clients, and breeds familiarity, which equates to sales down the line. You can be sure that Monsanto is far beyond Marketing 101, as last year they made billion dollar figures of profits, but they are not beyond indoctrinating our children with their targeted propaganda.

Dr. Sally Irwin at the University of Hawaii Maui College helped facilitate the awarding of $25,000 for science curriculum in our high schools in 2009. In 2011 Monsanto cut a check for $500,000 to the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR). Have you seen CTAHR’s recent elementary school curriculum piece for ‘Gene-ius Day’, which is funded in part by Monsanto and DOW? Please look at it by clicking here. It tells the story that there are no more farmers because they don’t know how to grow food in today’s world. The children are helpless without their chips and cookies, but a cockroach leads them to a GMO scientist that saves the day.

In an interview with Dr. Sally Irwin in Maui Magazine, she is quoted as saying, “People who are really worried [about GMOs] should be concentrating efforts on supporting unbiased research.” I couldn’t agree more, and that is exactly what voting YES on the GMO MORATORIUM is about! We know our children are being influenced by Monsanto, our politicians are being influenced by Monsanto, and our television and radio’s advertising airwaves have been bought up by this front group for Monsanto and DOW/Mycogen. We need unbiased research to ensure a just future for us all.

*If links above do not work please see active links in comments below. Also, as of August 2015 Monsanto has been targeting Waialua Elementary. Click here to see an article about a Monsanto-employee volunteer day at the school and a plaque thanking Monsanto put up in the school entrance.*

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  1. Shelley Mack
    Shelley Mack says:

    I, too, am outraged by Sally Irwin’s support of Monsanto and the biotech industry. I am shocked that she is permitted to use her university affiliation to spread Monsanto’s lies and propaganda. I actually wrote the chancellor and vice-chancellor of UHMC about this and received no reply from either of them. Very disappointing that UHMC is allowing this to continue.

  2. Sunny Savage
    Sunny Savage says:

    My links aren’t working for some reason! I will try and fix soon, but for now…here you go:

    $500,000 Monsanto donation to CTAHR – http://manoa.hawaii.edu/news/article.php?aId=4645

    Copy of the ‘Gene’ius’ Day Pamphlet handed out to kids on Kauai: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_HUGQcR0G-3cHI5c2gxeGZmZU0&usp=sharing

    Sally Irwin’s comment in Maui Magazine: http://www.mauimagazine.net/core/pagetools.php?pageid=11279&url=%2FMaui-Magazine%2FFall-2005%2FSeeds-of-Controversy%2F&mode=print


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