North Carolina Wild Foods Weekend II

Mike Rasnake has been attending the NC Wild Food Weekend for 25 years. In the early 70’s he read a few of Euell Gibbons’ books and 3 months later was living in Hawaii eating as many wild foods as he could get his hands on. He even had a stint of living in the back of a herse for 6 months in the early 70’s, foraging almost all of his food. Below is a photo of the vegetable group he led on Saturday morning. We gathered wild vegetables and spent the afternoon preparing them for a feast with over 50 wild food dishes on Saturday evening.

There were over 120 people in attendance, each joining a group to gather and prepare meat, salads, appetizers, soups, drinks, desserts and more. That made for over 50 wild food dishes, including: acorn bread, jerusalem artichoke pie, fettucini alfredo with squirrel, yaupon chai tea, pawpaw custard, sauteed milkweed shoots, poke eggrolls, kudzu chips, morel mushrooms with wild garlic on toast, violet leaves stuffed with wild nuts and cream cheese spread, cherry tomatoes stuffed with chickweed pesto, sumac maple syrup lemonade, and more!

A little green tree snake we found on our hike with Mike.

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  1. Tina Sisco
    Tina Sisco says:

    Love your web site!!! Thanks for posting the pictures. I’m going to try the Fennel fritters some time this week. Safe travels to you. Enjoy Jamestown.

  2. Lloyd "Josiah" Parker
    Lloyd "Josiah" Parker says:

    Got back yesterday from the 2008, 33rd Annual Wild Foods Weekend in NC. My first, it was an absolutely fantastic time! My 11 year old made marzipan with wild ginger we gathered and I helped make kudzu battered chips. I’ve been asked to do a class with the teens next year. We’re going to combine primitive firestarting with fiddling for earthworms and making “worm bacon!” I’ve read that earthworms are 82% protein and have Omega-3 fats, so hopefully this’ll convince folks to try them.

    I really enjoy your website and especially your Youtube videos. I had hoped to see you at this weekend’s event, but hopefully one day!

    Please keep the vids and info coming and thanks!!!

    Pax! Lloyd

  3. sunny
    sunny says:

    Thanks so much Lloyd!
    am sooo happy to hear this years event was a success. worm bacon…whodda thunk it! I hope to get back there next year…we’ll see. take care and stay posted as i’m getting ready to post a bunch of video’s.

    much love and peace to you, ~sunny

  4. mike rasnake
    mike rasnake says:

    Hi Sunny tosee you at the 09 nc wildfoods weekend. Love your page and got some mail as result, this past year was unbelievable missed you my email has changed. Please note and let us know if your are ever in our area [eastern Va.] Would love to hear from you love Mike and Phyllis Rasnake

  5. sunny
    sunny says:

    Heya Mike!

    Glad y’all had a good time. Would be great to make it next year…we’ll see! Thanks for letting me know of the email change. Take care and enjoy your summer!

    much love, ~sunny


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