Moringa Powder & Processing Cassava Root – Eat Local Maui Challenge

EAT LOCAL MAUI 2021 Challenge was held from September 12-18 

Day 2


Eggs (gifted – I am seriously realizing how much food is gifted and traded, phenomenal to let the strength of that really sink in), Chinese violet greens (foraged), edible hibiscus greens and cranberry hibiscus greens from my garden, preserved lemons from my garden using local salt/clove/cinnamon, tomato sauce made using Oko`a Farms tomatoes and lots of Kupa’a garlic and Maui onion and Olinda Olive Orchard olive oil, Kona Deep Sea Salt, Greenwell Farms black pepper mixed with foraged ‘pink peppercorns’ of Schinus molle, and bacon.

Almost 100% local… had some Lopes Farm bacon which when I tasted it I realized must have been cured in sugar and non-local salt.


Mamaki from the garden, lemon balm harvested while volunteering in a friend’s garden.

Broccoli sprouts are all the rage in the health & wellness community, and for good reason. Sulphoraphane has many benefits, but did you know that moringa has isothiocyanates that are in the same class of phytonutrients – with possibly even stronger effects? What does this mean? Well, eat more moringa. It is soooo nutrient-dense, and the work of Jed Faley at Johns Hopkins points to its use as an anti-inflammatory, for those suffering gastric issues due to H. pylori (strong antibacterial in general), autism, diabetes, cancer, and neurological diseases.


Moringa powder from my garden, coconut milk, frozen bananas (gifted while volunteering with Hawaiian Islands Land Trust) to make a smoothie.

Leftover eggs from breakfast eaten with bilimbi pickle (made with bilimbi and turmeric and curry leaf from my garden, Olinda Olive Orchards oil, ginger).


Cassava from my garden and burdock root from Oko’a Farms grated and pan-fried in Olinda Orchard olive oil.

Salad of red cabbage, white cabbage, cucumber from Okamura Farm, lemon juice from garden, vinegar from Traveling Plum, olive oil, salt, black pepper, wild ‘pink peppercorns’, star fruit juice from garden, garlic powder from Kupa’a Farm.

Topped with Haole Koa Crunch* made with foraged haole koa seeds, foraged kukui nut, mac nut crumbled *Find the recipe in the Savage Kitchen App

Tomato sauce made with Okoa Farms tomatoes, olive oil, garlic powder, s + p.


Foraged common yellow guava shells poached in kiawe tea with allspice and cinnamon. Haleakalā Creamery goat cheese, Kona Deep Sea Salt, and some start fruit slices.

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