Mint Gone Wild

Ok, so both are edible…but this is about wild food plants!

I believe the little guy is a Pacific Tree Frog. You can visit Frogweb to get more information on the over 60% of amphibians who now exhibit malformations due to environmental toxins, and other reasons. Along with many other plant and animal species, they need our help in access to a clean place to live. From about 4 o’clock in the afternoon until mid-morning the frogs are singing away down in the creek at my place (view from my deck below). This post is really a tribute to the frogs. We need rain here, so keep singing guys!

Wild mints can be used in tea, herbed butter, tabouli, and more. For me, you can never have enough fresh herbs. Keep an eye out for the square stem, opposite leaves and a minty smell when you crush the leaves. There are many large stands of mint gone wild here in Topanga Canyon.

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