Mallowmallow S’mores

My Dad was a physics and calculus teacher, and his favorite mug when I was growing up said, ‘Hi, I’m Mr. Science’. Dr. John Kallas, of Wild Food Adventures, is another Mr. Science. He’s been teaching wild food classes since 1978, and truly embodies the spirit of scientific inquiry, and all the positive discoveries to which that can lead. With an open and inquisitive mind, he has been doing the work to answer some of the oftentimes vague or loose historical references, around the use of wild edible plants.

For many years John has worked to develop a recipe using common mallow (Malva neglecta) to make marshmallows. The traditional way of making marshmallows was to use the root of the marshmallow plant (Althaea officinalis), which grows in marshy areas. But the above-ground parts of common mallow are also mucilaginous, and this plant is widely available to most people throughout North America. Watch the video below to get an idea of how to make ‘mallowmallows’ using the small fruits/buttons/cheeses, or peas as John likes to call them, of the common mallow plant. We also briefly discuss how he’s noticed differences in the plants due to climate change.

So, you want the recipe right? You’ll have to either wait for the release of John’s new book, scheduled to come out in fall of 2008, or attend one of his workshops at Wild Food Adventures. These treats are soooo yummy, thanks John for adding another great wild food recipe to the mix!

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