Make Your Own Coconut Milk – Eat Local Maui Challenge

Get a glimpse into eating 100% local foods from the Hawaiian Islands. This video highlights the process of making homemade coconut milk, from opening the coconut all the way to milk.

This is Day 10 of the Eat Local Maui Challenge with Project Locavore, where folks are encouraged to include as many locally grown/raised/foraged foods from the Islands as possible for one month. You can visit www. projectlocavore.com for more details and to enter into the prize drawings for playing along.

Today, my food included…

tea :: spearmint***, honeysuckle flowers (Lonicera japonica)***

100% Locally Sourced Tea

brunch :: tacos – blue corn* tortillas made with butter from Naked Cow Dairy, venison was gifted and had Hawaiian Volcano Sea Salt and lots of pink peppercorns (Schinus molle)***, chicken from Toohey’s, cherry tomatoes from Okoa Farms, cilantro from Okoa Farms, poblano peppers from that amazing sprouts guy at UpCountry Farmer’s Market, salt from Hawaiian Volcano Sea Salt, shredded romaine lettuce from Okoa Farms, shredded red cabbage, pickled red onions (red onions from Okoa Farms + guava vinegar from Traveling Plum + salt from Hawaiian Volcano Sea Salt. Skyre from Haleakalā Creamery. Marigold petals from the amazing (Haiku Sprouts?) sprout farmer at the UpCountry Farmers Market. HI Spice ruby red grapefruit habanero hot sauce.

100% Locally Sourced Taco Brunch
100% Locally Sourced Taco Brunch

snack :: I made chocolates with cocoa butter from Lavaloha Farms, cocoa powder from Lavaloha Farms, honey from UpCountry Apiaries, vanilla extract (vanilla beans from Locavore Store + honey mead distilled moonshine). Served up on bananas from the yard and also some on dried persimmons my Auntie gifted me last night.

* = grown by me *** = foraged by me

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