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So PSA, you are all foragers. I mean seriously, if you’ve signed up for my newsletter that means you already have the “simple” awareness that there are wild foods all around us and that’s HUGE and is a gift to share with others. We are in, well, what do you call this really? I mean, there’s the quarantine time now and a virus that is causing a wallop of trouble, but we are really in it now for sustained change. This is just a warmup for what the climate crisis has in store for us, and now we have a serious economic crisis on top that will make things, ummm, a bit more in your face.

I have so many updates I hardly know where to start! First, the APP…I have been working my pretty little tail off to launch the Savage Kitchen app early. You want it, so I will give it to you! I got notification today that Google Play for Android users and the App Store for Apple users are slowing down on reviewing new apps. So, we are going to submit now in hopes for an April 1st launch. Of course you will be the first to know when we go live, and pretty please I am asking that you will share it with your friends and family. 

Immediate need of marketing help. Press releases, press kits, liasing with government agencies and nonprofits, writing solid cover letters, facebook and google ads, social media, media requests…there’s so much to do in order to let people know about this incredible app. I have a small budget, and I also have a room in my home if someone is wanting to do a partial work trade. I am so busy right now, seriously only serious inquiries from qualified people. And, if you don’t need housing but are interested in helping get this app that promotes emergency preparedness, vital health, and community land management practices out into the wider world please please please reach out…I need you now!  

And, if you’re still with me…here are a few recommendations for dealing with covid-19 ::

hand washing
physical distancing
plenty of sleep
diet rich in vegetables and fruits
gargle (plain water is fine)
herbal steams
lots of fresh air and sunshine

THESE ARE ALL FREE, with the exception of some soap and spending a bit more on healthy food if this hasn’t been part of your budget. That said, the addition of wild foods in the diet is free and will also cover fresh air and sunshine!  

John Hopkins University has a great resource page with maps showing cases of infection and more. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention outlines specific resources for how to handle infection in the home. One of my favorite clinical herbalists is Aviva Romm, MD and she has a resource hub with easy to understand info on what the virus is, how to talk to kids about it, herbal medicine, etc. I also love the work of Stephen Harrod Buhner and would most definitely recommend his books Herbal Antivirals and Herbal Antibiotics for the times ahead. He has created a protocol specifically for Covid19, which you can read about here, as well as his addendum which specifically discusses ACE2 receptors. 

If you’ve been on the fence, now might be the time to get my new eBooks!

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