Local Food Challenge documentary

Last year I filmed, edited and produced a 28 minute documentary about the experiences of seven of us who ate foods grown within 250 miles of where we lived for one year. It was aired on Lakeland Public Television in the fall of 2006, and will be shown at the Northern Lights Independent and Indigenous Film Festival in April of 2007. I had never used a camcorder before doing this film, and taught myself Final Cut Pro for editing.

Video takes 3-5 minutes to load using a DSL connection, so be patient.

The resounding feedback from others is that this documentary brings eating locally down to the personal level. Many of us are familiar with the stats on eating locally, but here you get to see people going to work, feeding their families, and the day to day experiences of living a lifestyle eating local foods. Communities in Ashland, WI and Sandpoint, ID are already planning their own Local Food Challenge for this coming fall.

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