Kāhili Ginger powder


We dehydrate Kahili Ginger rhizome and then grind the dried plant matter into powder. This ginger powder is a super versatile addition to your spice cupboard – use it in drinks, baked goods, teas, and as a replacement for culinary ginger powder in any recipe.


Kahili Ginger rhizome


Clean and peel the Kahili Ginger rhizome. Cut off any discolored spots.


Chop the rhizome into 1 inch pieces. Then, place these pieces into your food processor or blender. Run your machine, with the goal of making the pieces of rhizome as fine as possible.  (This is important – if the pieces are too large, the fibers within the rhizome will not completely grind after dehydration and you’ll get straw-like bits in your powder.)


Spread the processed rhizome on dehydrator sheets, in a thin layer. Dehydrate at the warmest setting, for 8-24 hours, depending on the volume and moisture content of what you’re drying.


Once the rhizome pieces are completely dry, remove from the dehydrator. Using a spice grinder or clean coffee grinder, powder the pieces in small batches until complete.


Store your rhizome powder in an air-tight container; it will last for about a year. Discard immediately if you notice signs of molding or contamination.


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