Introducing a New Chef to Savage Kitchen!

We are so excited to welcome the incredibly talented Chef Robert Ramshur at Savage Kitchen! Bringing his own unique talents, energy and interests, Rob shares incredible vision for bringing forth our edible invasive species and other wild and local foods into delicious, unique, and revolutionary dishes.


  Chef Rob Ramshur.

Born in Missouri and raised in Texas, Rob grew up in a family of restauranteurs; his Mom specialized in Cajun seafood and great aunt a riverboat chef. After moving out to Maui at a young age, Rob entered the restaurant scene fueled by his passion for good food, stoke, and connection. He began polishing his craft at Lulu’s in Lahaina before moving to San Francisco to go to culinary school. Upon graduating, he worked throughout the Bay area in fine dining restaurants, as well as eateries focused on “whole hog” concepts. Most recently Rob was the sous chef at Almanac in the mission district, where he trained with James Beard Semi-finalist Chad Arnold in the art of whole hog butchery. At Savage Kitchen, Rob shares his passion for food through creative spur of the moment dishes and ample stoke for testing out new ideas.