So good in life to acknowledge where we get our inspirations. Herbalist Rebecca Altman has inspired me with her fabulous talent for taking all of the mind-boggling amount of information we now have access to on plants, and digesting it a bit into fun and usable concepts. It was through her that I first heard of the term “Filaments of a Connected World” and just absolutely fell in love with this word play. Being that we are constantly noticing the little things, like filaments on the two plants in the Myrtaceae Family that are found in the Savage Kitchen app, along with regular discussion of right relationship with technology in our connected world, these words really struck me. So, thank you to Rebecca for this inspiration, and be sure to check out her online course The Wonder Sessions before the registration deadline of April 5th.

I also wanted to acknowledge Kiva Rose as being the first person to tease forth the vocabulary that felt so good to my soul, that really lit me up in describing the wild world as filled with wonder and enchantment. Kiva’s work is fantastical, magical, and so connected.

As we all weave a web of appreciation for inspirations from others, this magic-filled earth, and the vastness of that which we do not yet know. Always open to feeling the spark that rich language ignites, much thanks to these ladies and the ones who spoke these words long before them.

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