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How To Make Ulu (Breadfruit) Pancakes – Eat Local Maui Challenge

Day 4 of eating 100% locally sourced from the Hawaiian Islands! Join along through Project Locavore (www.projectlocavore.com). You’ll learn how to make super delicious ulu pancakes, a peek at some wild elderflower champagne and bars made with foraged kiawe flour.

breakfast :: ulu (breadfruit), butter, salt.

lunch :: sheep sorrel (Rumex acetosella)***, romaine lettuce, green bell pepper, steamed and cooled broccoli, yellow cherry tomatoes. Dressing – papaya fruit & seeds*, avocado*, lemon juice*, olive oil, salt. Toppings – beef and pickled red onions (red onion, vinegar, salt).

dinner :: leftover meat with papaya/avo dressing as a dip, slices of green bell pepper. Leftover ulu pancake. drink :: elderflower champagne made with elderflowers (Sambucus mexicana)***, honey, lemon*

treat :: kiawe bars made with kiawe (Prosopis pallida)*** flour, macadamia nut butter, honey, cocoa nibs, kiawe-smoked salt.

* = grown by Sunny Savage *** = foraged by Sunny Savage

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