How to Make the Best Kiawe Tea!

how to make kiawe tae

Of all the wild foods I have ever introduced people to, kiawe tea is by far the all-around favorite. No one can believe the sweetness is all natural, only coming from the beans of kiawe (Prosopis pallida), with nothing else added. So, I taught a couple of classes recently and you can access the recording and the accompanying 9-page PDF with detailed botany, history, ethnobotany, nutritional and medicinal info.

The sweetest and fattest beans usually drop near the coast. Photo by Sunny Savage

What to expect in this online class :

a short exercise to connect in with this tree

tips and tricks to harvesting the pods

processing and storage

how to make the best cup of kiawe tea

great flavor combinations that pair with kiawe

Q&A – ask me all your questions, group discussion

Harvesting the bean pods of mesquite, known as kiawe in Hawai’i. This exact species is Prosopis pallida and originates from coastal areas of Peru.

kiawe season is now!

Harvesting of the pods is highly dependent on the weather. We love and appreciate the rains, but if they come then this wild food harvest season is shortened. The time is now to harvest.

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