Hoja Santa (Piper auritum) Wild Yeast Starter

False awa (Piper auritum) wild yeast starter

Do you love fizzy drinks? Looking for a 100% local wild yeast to kickstart your fermentation for wild sodas? False awa (Piper auritum), also called hoja santa, is an incredible new discovery in my wild kitchen. This crazy invasive provides plenty of fizz from its flowers/inflourescences, recipe coming! Jar on left showing bubbles forming after just one day. Jar on the right has the milky color change and bubbles on top that indicates it’s ready for bottling. Want more info on false awa? CLICK HERE

The wild isn’t some far away place, it’s all around us. This video shows several wild food plants found growing in my garden, right now. Work on identifying them, maybe they’re in your yard too!


And, thanks to the Maui Times for the mention in this weeks article ::Lost & Found : Reflections on technology, nature and wilderness

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