Here Comes the Sun

The plants on our property are boosting with all this growing sunlight. Photosynthesis is at work. We continue to pack our baskets with beautiful greens, and today with the treat of some strong healthy greens and a peeled stem of this shin san cho (Erechtites valerianifolia)

Erechtites valerianifolia ready to harvest

Erechtites valerianifolia peeled stem

Here’s a look into some of today’s greens. They were eaten with some of our tomatoes and chayote squash from the garden: honohono grass tips (Commelina diffusa), kale, molokai sweet potato green tips and stems, gotu kola greens (Centella asiatica), common violet greens (Viola sororia), purslane (Portulaca oleraceae), sow thistle (Sonchus oleraceus) leaves/buds/flowers, pink wood sorrel greens (Oxalis debilis var. corymbosa), some of Maui’s prolific tender young spiny amaranth greens (Amaranthus spinosus), and in the photo below are some wild Bidens pilosa’s tender young greens.

Bidens pilosa ready to harvest

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