Haole Koa Worldwide Foraging Contest

I am going to run a 1-week contest for who drops the most haole koa pins in the Savage Kitchen app and winners get to choose from 6 Haole-Koa-themed prizes!!!! Participants are encouraged to participate from anywhere in the world. The contest will run from Sunday, July 11 through Sunday, July 18.


Whoever gets the most points in the contest gets to choose first from the 6 different prizes, the winner with second-most points gets to choose from the prizes next, etc.

This beautiful haole koa botanical illustration print by @natureofsophia is Prize #1
This gorgeous single strand of haole koa and job’s tear seeds handmade by @pueo_mana_designs is Prize #2.
This beautiful haole koa mandala on a 10″x10″ stretched canvas, ready to hang artwork by @natureofsophia is Prize #3. See a video of the canvas print here.
Prize #4 is this haole koa everlasting lei by @pueo_mana_designs
Prize #5 is this stunner, a triple-stranded haole koa seed lei by @pueo_mana_designs
And finally, Prize #6 is a haole koa flower essence – helpful for
interspecies communication. 

Contest Rules

  • 10 points everytime you drop a Haole Koa pin in the app
  • Each pin must include a photo of the pin location
  • 1 point everytime you use the hashtag #savagekitchenapp
  • Contest begins when announced in the newsletter and social media
  • Contest runs for 7 days

Contest Start Date

The contest starts as soon as the app update with Haole Koa goes live in the app store. Did you know that in the app world it’s called “releasing it into the wild” when your app goes live. I laughed so hard the first time I heard this terminology. So I’m not exactly sure when the updated version of the Savage Kitchen App with haole koa will be released into the wilds of the internet. It’s mostly dependent on how long the App Store takes to review (1 day to 3 weeks!) Just like nature’s ripening, we never know exactly when the wild fruits will ripen, but we do know they’re worth the wait!

How to Enter

All you need to do to enter is to update the Savage Kitchen App once it goes live and start dropping pins from locations where you find Haole Koa growing (must include photo with pin). If you’re one of the winners, we will email you to the email address associated with your Savage Kitchen app account. If you want points for using the hashtag #savagekitchenapp on social media, please make sure we have your name and email you used to sign up for the savage kitchen app!

How to Drop a Pin

Watch this video tutorial on how to use the Savage Kitchen app, with step-by-step instructions for dropping new pins on the map.

Under the MAPS tab, add a pin by clicking on this icon:

Make sure to add a photo for your pin to count:

Please remember that the mapping feature is designed to help people see what the plants look like in real life. Oftentimes I will drop a pin along a roadside, for example, which is not a place for harvesting but is a highly traveled area where people can learn to see the plants. Identifying the plant in person, and looking at a map with pin locations so you get a general idea of areas a plant may be growing, are helpful. What is not helpful is dropping pins on private property, kapu areas, or otherwise using this tool in a disrespectful way. 

There’s so much haole koa out there, I know you won’t have trouble finding it. Start scouting your pin locations now for the PIN IT to WIN IT contest!!

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