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We ask permissions from our ancestors and the ancestors of the land, but what about asking permissions from future generations? I consider my sons Zeb (here in photo) and Saelyn – asking permissions of their future children and others who will live on this beautiful planet.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”

Wendell Berry, 1971
Amaranthus spinosus – photo by Sunny Savage

Interested in increasing sperm motility?

Spiny Amaranth (Amaranthus spinosus) is an invasive species, which hugely impacts the agricultural industry. It is classified as a superweed because it has evolved to become resistant to glyphosate/RoundUp.

I know overpopulation is on everyone’s radar, but within 6 generations all those people will be gone and we are already suffering from major infertility issues. If our species is to evolve in the aftermath of the toxic soup we have created, eating spiny amaranth could become a very real practice of life in the future. If you hope to have kids, become an early adopter and eat the invasives… they are the survivors and will transfer the know-how of survival into you.

Learn more about Spiny Amaranth in the Savage Kitchen App and if you want to take a botanical deep dive with this plant ally, check out my Spiny Amaranth eBook.

Feeding a family?

Feed the family with an invasives pupu platter spread! Feasting on the abundance species = invasive species with a probiotic Java plum mac nut spread, kāhili onion jam, spiny amaranth ranch dip, java plum tapenade, Spanish needles pesto, some of my pickled burdock, dried spiced pineapple, local smoked trout, and ya my French/Norwegian side loves cheese. Who’s ready to try? All recipes in the Savage Kitchen mobile app, designed as your companion to identifying, locating, and preparing our most common invasive species.

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