Fried Cereus Flower & Pa’i’ai Pizza – Eat Local Maui Challenge

Final day of the EAT LOCAL MAUI 2021 Challenge (held from September 12-18)

Day 7


Coffee from Kupa`a Farms.

Foraged Strawberry Guava Juice*

Foraged cereus flower stuffed with venison/pork sausage (traded for foraged kiawe beans), Maui onion, celery and carrots and thyme from Oko`a Farms, black pepper from Oko`a Farms, foraged ‘pink peppercorns’ of Schinus molle, dipped in egg (gifted) and dredged in cassava flour made from my garden, pan-fried in Olinda Orchards olive oil, topped with minced jalapeño from Kumu Farms, foraged haole koa green seeds**, and sambal from HI Spice.

* Recipe in the Savage Kitchen App

** Learn how to forage Haole Koa in the Savage Kitchen App


Crust made using pa`i`ai from Kahumoku Family Farm and cassava flour from my garden. Sauce made with tomatoes from Oko`a Farms, Maui onion (don’t know who grows these – bought at Down to Earth), garlic powder made from Kupa`a Farms garlic, Olinda Orchards olive oil, and Pure Deep Sea Kona salt. Pesto with gifted basil, macadamia nuts (bought broken pieces from someone in Waihe`e), garlic powder, olive oil, salt. Zucchini from Okamura Farm, onion slices, Haleakalā Creamery goat cheese, and lots of black pepper from Greenwell Farms and foraged ‘pink peppercorns’ of Schinus molle


Kōhana rum (had to buy my first bottle), coconut milk (purchased the nut from old man at Queen K mall), pineapple from Maui Gold.

Cheers to another awe-inspiring EAT LOCAL MAUI CHALLENGE!!

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