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Renee A Riley -Actually Life Changing

This afternoon, for instance, I ran out and chopped some purslane from my yard to add to a frittata. This succulent plant is a “weed” that I used to try to eradicate. But after reading “Wild . . .” I’ve been seeking this omega-3, beta-carotene, superstar of nutrition and discovering new ways to use it.

M. Goldberg -Spectacular!!!

Spectacular!!! Besides opening my world to new plants I can consume, Savage was a very entertaining, thoughtful writer. The respect she has for nature and the way she wrote about it helped instill it in me as well. Mahalo nui loa Sunny for this book. I can’t thank you enough!!!!

How you can help the Invasive Plant problem on the Islands…

Aloha, I’m Sunny.

Here’s the brutal truth about invasive species:

Whether you like it or not, invasive plants are here to stay and government will likely not be able to do enough to solve the problem.

And since the nature of an invasive species is that it has no natural predators to create checks and balances the problem is only likely to escalate.

Some organizations that deal with this problem tend to do it by using heavy and harmful chemicals on the land which makes the problem a double whammy because this has the potential to harm the land even more, creating more imbalances in the ecosystem.

In all fairness some of those strategies can work short term, but I find that they don’t solve the real problem which is the missing link in the food chain.

So what’s the alternative?


Yes, you can become the missing link in the food chain!

I’m giving away a free cheat-sheet on 5 Edible Invasive Plants In Hawaii that grow in abundance, are highly nutritious and are easy to find, even in your own back yard!

If you’re serious about helping maintain the integrity of the paradise we live in, discovering these 5 plants will set you on a path of harmony with the land.

One of cooperation and balance!

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