First Week’s Menu

Our first week of the food truck being open we served up a great menu, including this Wild West Pumpkin Salad :: organic pumpkin^, Spanish needle greens*, organic green onion^, organic vegenaise, Cat’s ear vinegar*, organic lemon juice, sunflower sprouts^, toasted organic sunflower seeds, roasted haole koa seeds*, sauerkraut (aweoweo (Chenopodium oahuense)*, organic cabbage^, organic ginger^, organic turmeric^, salt).
*=wildcrafted ^=local

Smoky Eggplant Salad with Wild Greens Rice :: blackened organic eggplant^, organic green onion^, organic avocado^, organic cilantro^, organic sesame oil, shoyu, organic apple cider vinegar, organic lime juice^, jasmine rice, mallow greens powder* *=wildcrafted ^=local

A wildcrafted Banana Poka Fizz (Passiflora tarminiana), a Kiawe Cooler (wildcrafted Prosopis pallida beans) drink, and our final dish of wildcrafted Haole Koa Seed Tempeh (Leucaena leucocephala) with Cucumber Salad rounded out the menu.